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The hours, days and months following a catastrophic event are frightening and confusing. Having the peace of mind after hiring an experienced litigation attorney is helpful. Groth Law Firm, S.C. understands the emotional, physical, and financial impactContact A Personal Injury Attorney As Soon as Possible personal injury, car accidents, wrongful death or serious injuries can have on innocent victims and their families.

With the weather the way it is, it seems like car and truck accidents are a common occurrence across Wisconsin.  Having represented injured victims of car and truck accidents for many years, the Groth Law Firm realizes that people are unsure about what to do after having a motor vehicle collision.  The Groth Law Firm has developed a short checklist for you and your family members to keep in mind if you happen to find yourself in a crash.….

  • Stay Calm – While you may have all kinds of emotions and thoughts running through your mind it is important to gather yourself and stay as calm as you can.
  • Check for Injuries – It is important to assess the situation and check yourself and any passengers for injuries.  However, do not move anyone seriously injured unless they are in further danger because of the traffic or other circumstances.
  • Call the Police – It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, you need to call the police to come and investigate.
  • Promptly Seek Medical Attention – If you feel even slightly injured at the scene, allow yourself to be taken to the hospital.  If ybicycleRiderInMilwaukee.jpgou begin to feel the effects of the accident within 1-3 days later, go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital and get treatment.  If you fail to promptly get medical treatment, the other driver’s insurance company will assume you were not hurt.
  • Obtain Key Information – I know you will have many things running through your mind but you, or someone on your behalf, needs to obtain certain critical information about the collision, such as license plate numbers, insurance information, addresses of everyone involved including passengers/witnesses, phone numbers, and when the police investigation is completed, a Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report.
  • Do Not Give a Recorded Statement – The other driver’s insurance company will contact you by phone as soon as they get notice of the collision.  They will want to take a recorded statement.  DO NOT give a recorded statement to an insurance representative.  Their only goal will be to: 1) get you say something that allows them to blame you for the accident, and 2) get you to admit that you were not seriously hurt, even if you haven’t been examined or have not fully recovered from your injuries.
  • DO NOT Sign Forms From Insurance Company – Following a car or truck wreck, you may get mail from the other driver’s insurance company wanting you to “sign a few forms.”  What the insurance company won’t tell you is that you are being asked to sign medical authorizations that will allow them to get all of your medical records from as far back as birth, as well as personal and confidential information that are completely unrelated to this wreck.  It is a bad idea.
  • Be Careful About Admitting Fault at the Scene or to the Insurance Company – While I believe that you should always accept responsibility for your actions, I do suggest that you wait until you know all the facts of what caused the wreck before admitting responsibility.  Why??  Because any admission of fault will always come back to be used against you.  You want your admission to have been made after being fully informed of the facts.  It is understandable that your first inclination may be to apologize and admit fault but sometimes that guilty feeling may arise even if it wasn’t your fault.  Get all the facts first.  Was the other driver using a cell phone or texting?  Was the other driver in a better position to avoid the collision?  Was the collision partially your fault and partially that of the other driver?  Make sure you make an informed decision.
  • Document Everything You Can – The easiest way this is done is by taking photographs of the vehicles involved, the scene of the collisions (as quickly as possible after the wreck) and of any injuries (i.e. bruising, scarring, casts, etc.).  Photographs are the best way to depict a situation.
  • Inform Your Insurance Company – Even if the collision is not your fault, it is important that your insurance company knows about it.  You may have coverage to help pay some of your medical bills, you may have rental car coverage and, if you have collision coverage, your insurance company will usually fight the other driver’s company to get the property damage to your car paid.  However, do not forget that your insurance company will not take care of your pain and suffering or lost wages injury claim.

After you consider all of these things, you may still have questions.  If so, call us.  We have handled hundreds of these types of cases and are in the position to offer assistance to you.  

With Wisconsin's winter weather also comes our winter sports and cold weather activities.  If you are injured snow mobiling, skiing or hiking because of someone else's negligence don't hesitate to call Groth Law Firm with any questions first.  Winter weather sports can cause serious injuries because there is little protecting your body - injuries range from back and neck injuries, to multiple broken bones, to traumatic head injuries, even death.  The attorneys of GrothLaw will help you recover as much as possible if you are involved in a winter weather accident where there is a negligent party at cause - Call 414.375.2030 for help. We have offices in Milwaukee - Wauwatosa- Glendale - Green Bay and Marinette covering most of Wisconsin with the legal protections Wisconsin families deserve. Or use our simple contact form for legal assistance.

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Attorney Jon P. Groth has served injury victims and the Wisconsin business community for the past decade. We are dedicated to serving our clients' needs, protecting their interests, and providing professional, proven and skilled legal representation.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in Wisconsin due to the negligence of another, contact Groth Law Firm 414.375.2030 or toll free at 877-375-7001 your experienced Wisconsin accident attorney today. Attorney Jonathan P. Groth of Groth Law Firm, S.C. has litigated cases across Wisconsin. Attorney Jon P. Groth has represented corporations, individuals and the families of deceased victims before circuit court judges all the way to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

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Attorney Jon P. Groth and the Groth Law Firm, S.C. helps plaintiffs in all areas of litigation and personal injury law. Milwaukee lawyer Jon P Groth understanding Wisconsin LawAttorney Jon P. Groth has successfully tried cases throughout Wisconsin in both State and Federal Court and has joined the elite few Wisconsin attorneys who have argued before the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. Recent juries have awarded Attorney Jon P. Groth’s clients verdicts of approximately $900,000 in Milwaukee County and $1.2 million in Dane County. Attorney Jon P. Groth recently obtained a judgment of $2.15 million in Kenosha County. Able to fight for his clients after trial, attorney Jon P. Groth has successfully fought for his clients on appeal, twice arguing cases before the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. When you hire Groth Law Firm, S.C. you are hiring an attorney that is skilled and dedicated with proven results. Just recently, Attorney Jon P. Groth obtained what the circuit court judge stated as the largest "soft tissue" whiplash type injury verdict in Sheboygan County in his memory.


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