A Drunk Driver Ruins the Celebration

Once again a drunk driver ruins a party.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a drunk driver killed a Harley rider during last week’s 105th Harley Davidsons Birthday Celebration.  The drunk driver was about 3 times over the legal limit at the time of the collision.

The collision occurred at about 2:15pm on August 29th. She must have started drinking pretty early in the day to get that drunk before 2:15pm.  When is it ever worth drinking that much that early?  And why would you ever think of driving?

The victim is a 55 year old Michigander.

Once again the call goes out to the legislature to tighten the drunk driving laws in Wisconsin.  Hopefully, the DA assigned to this case will enforce the laws currently on the books.


2 thoughts on “A Drunk Driver Ruins the Celebration

  1. Bronnie Vaughn

    Motorcycle riders are in constant danger. A blinking headlight and eye contact is not always enough. The biker has to be vigilant enough for two drivers. Being aware of the motorcyclist should be a part of every states DMV drivers license testing.

  2. jonpgroth


    Thanks for the comment. I was just reading the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook this morning and I can say it does say to be aware of bikers. Hopefully, drivers will put that into practice.

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