Brookfield Animal Attack Lawyers

When a victim is bitten or attacked by an animal owned by another, the victim can obtain compensation for the harm that they have suffered by filing a personal injury claim against the animal’s owner. Animal attack cases can be challenging, and a skilled attorney will be able to develop a strong case in support of your claim. Your lawyer will identify witnesses, secure evidence, and investigate your claim thoroughly to ensure that you get the proper legal representation that you need for your dog bite or animal attack claim in Brookfield.

The animal attack lawyers at Groth Law Firm have a proven track record for recovering significant compensation for victims of animal attacks and dog bites. This is because Attorney Jon Groth works diligently to identify every party responsible for the attack and takes steps to obtain the maximum possible recovery for his clients, based on the specific circumstances in their case.

Damages Resulting from Animal Attacks

The aftermath of a dog bite can be difficult, especially when considering legal action. Contact your Brookfield Animal Attack Attorney for the best possible help.

Animal attack victims often need compensation for a number of different forms of medical treatment for the wounds suffered during the animal attack. Animal attack victims not only have to worry about the extent of the wound itself, but there could also be the concern that the wound could become infected due to bacteria in the offending animal’s saliva, and the possibility that the animal may have transmitted a disease or virus through their bite. Animal bite victims often have additional medical expenses for special testing and treatment to ensure that the bite is the worst of the injuries suffered in the attack, and that there is no infection or transmission of disease from the animal to the victim.

It is important to contact an experienced animal attack lawyer in Brookfield when you or a loved one is involved in an animal attack. Your rights are in need of protection and the animal attack and dog bite lawyers at Groth Law Firm will help you with your personal injury claim. Additionally, your lawyer will make sure that the proper authorities and the animal owner’s insurance company are informed on the attack.

The most common and vulnerable victims of animal attacks are children. Children do not necessarily understand when an animal is giving off signals that it does not want the child near it. However, children should be protected from vicious and dangerous animals. When your child has suffered an animal attack or has been bitten by a dog, you need to contact the lawyers at Groth Law Firm immediately to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your child’s injuries. Contact us today by calling 414-240-0707 to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.