Brookfield Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Many people in Brookfield, Wisconsin choose to bike for recreational purposes or as an alternative to driving an automobile. Riding a bicycle can be a lot of fun, but it can also be potentially dangerous. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a bicyclist is hurt or killed at least twice a day in Wisconsin. Nearly 1,000 bicycle accidents occur each year in Wisconsin, and of those, approximately one percent are fatal. Most often, the fault of the accident lies with a negligent driver – one who didn’t see the bicyclist while making a turn or while running a light or traffic sign.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists have rights on the road, contact your Brookfield Bicycle Accident Attorney for help with your situation.

Bicycle accidents happen for many reasons and in many different ways. A few common causes of bicycle accidents in Brookfield include, but are not limited to:

  • Dooring. Dooring occurs when a driver of a parked vehicle fails to look for bicyclists before opening the door of the vehicle.
  • Bicyclist hit by an automobile. Bicyclists can be hit and injured, or even killed, by negligent drivers. Many accidents involving a vehicle striking a bicyclist occur at intersections, and turns, but can also happen on straight stretches of road.
  • Hit and run accidents. Sometimes a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, but the drive speeds away from the scene of the accident, leaving the bicyclist with no contact information or way to pursue the driver for damages. Bicyclists might be able to seek compensation through an uninsured motorist claim against their own auto insurance policy.

Types of Injuries Bicyclists Can Suffer

When a collision occurs between a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the bicyclist usually ends up in considerably worse shape than the vehicle or the driver. It is highly unlikely that when a bicycle is involved in an accident with a vehicle that the bicyclist will walk away unharmed. Some typical bicycle accident injuries include:

  • Impact injuries. Bicyclists often suffer impact injuries, such as broken bones or damage to internal organs, when they are involved in an accident with a vehicle. These injuries can range in seriousness, and can appear less serious than they really are, since they are generally injuries to the interior of the body.
  • Head injuries. Bicycle accidents tend to result in injuries to the bicyclist’s head. Head wounds and traumatic brain injuries are often more serious than they appear.
  • Minor injuries. Even when a bicyclist is involved in a minor accident, the rider often suffers at the minimum scrapes, bruises, strains, sprains, fractures, or other minor injuries.
  • Death. In the worst accidents, a bicyclist could be killed in an accident, or could die as a result of the injuries he or she suffered during an accident.

When you or a loved one is involved in a bicycle accident, a Brookfield bicycle accident lawyer can help you with a personal injury claim. We can help you seek relief in the form of compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Contact Groth Law Firm, S.C. today for a free, confidential consultation. Our number is 877-375-7001. We can help you work through your case and inform you about the legal options that are available to you.