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After a Car Crash Video


A car crash happens. Your car is totaled. You need to take off work to go to the doctor, then PT, then follow up appointments. It seems every few hours the insurance company for the at fault person calls, then sends letters then someone shows up at your house. You need to concentrate on getting better and getting the right medical care. That’s one of the benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm. Groth Law Firm, S.C. has decades of experience helping injured people. Our firm is there from the very beginning and are only paid if you win. No risk and much, much less stress. Call or text Groth Law Firm, S.C. 414-375-2030 or go to

Uber Nation – Information for Uber Drivers

What happens when an Uber driver is involved in a car crash?uber-driver-1100x550

Talk about getting complicated mighty fast!  If you are an Uber driver the question you have to ask is whether your insurance will cover your property damage and the damage or injury to any of your passengers. If you think you have your own private insurance and that will cover these losses, think again. Most insurance companies have a very specific exclusion for “drivers for hire.” If that is the case you will have to go through Uber’s insurance which, many times, has a $1,000.00 deductible.

There are many sides to a car crash.  For now we are just discussing the Uber driver’s perspective.

Our firm has worked with many Uber drivers who were victims of car crashes.  Uber’s corporate insurance is not local to Wisconsin.  Many times the adjusters are on West Coast time and have to hire independent contractors to deal with property damage adjusting.  James Rivers’ insurance adjusters are certain to inquire about whether this truly was a “Uber ride” or “personal ride.”  At the same time the driver’s personal insurance is taking the opposite stance.

Another thing to consider as an Uber driver is wage loss and the loss of earning capacity. If you have an established track record as an Uber driver, accounting for this wage loss is manageable but still somewhat difficult to prove given the independent contract nature of Uber.

Many times wage loss can be complex from the start given Uber’s “surge pricing.” For example, if the Milwaukee Bucks have a game against the Cavaliers or Lakers we all know that Uber will pay its drivers more for these busy days.  The same goes for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Missing the home opener as an Uber driver can mean hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars lost.

I have placed some links into this post that will hopefully help you to understand and work through the maze that can be created when an Uber driver is involved in a collision.  No matter what be sure to consult with an experienced attorney who gives free initial consultations.  Better safe than sorry.

Worst Milwaukee Mugshot, Period. On The Lighter Side For Monday

Yes, it is Monday again.  Let’s start the week out with a little humor and a reminder that you don’t want to be on the “Smile!” side of a mugshot.  Here’s a mug shot of a Milwaukee man who had a bad day beginning October 21st.  Read more below.


Worst Milwaukee Wisconsin Mugshot
Something Else To Think About On Monday

According to the Daily Mail:

The toothless crook was escorted to the police station after going on a one man crime spree across the largest city in the US state of Wisconsin.

The serial petty criminal allegedly pushed someone to the ground, kicked a windscreen in and shouted obscenities at a supermarket, although when he lost his teeth exactly no one is quite sure.

Read more:


I do think it is a little odd that there aren’t more stories with this mugshot in Wisconsin’s media markets.  Enjoy, and have a great, SAFE week!