Family’s Two Pitbulls Kill Grandpa

It happened in Rubidoux, California (near Los Angeles).   I haven’t seen much reported other than the grandfather stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when he was attacked.  There was one family member at the house but this person could not stop the two pitbulls.   The man died before paramedics could help.

All I can say is, wow.   That is a tragic story.

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3 thoughts on “Family’s Two Pitbulls Kill Grandpa

  1. Danielle

    All i can say is, i dont care who you are. Majority of all dog bites are protecting their turf because thats what they are taught or they are taught to just be mean because people out there are retarded or they are being taunted or teased so there!

  2. Lisa

    Danielle~ Why don’t you grow up and realize the seriousness of this issue? Would you feel comfortable having children, and have a family with pit bulls move in next door to you? I think not! How would you feel if you couldn’t let your kids out to play because they may get their face ripped off by a pit bull while playing on the swingset, etc. Your ignorance shows in your statements.

  3. candi

    Lisa your wrong I feel very comfortable with my kids around pit bulls
    I have 3 that are very nice and I think your judgmental on something you apparently you know nothing about I know you kind you go online and look up all the bad about pit bulls I bet you never look up the good or the other dogs that have killed

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