Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day

Yes, the day has finally arrived!  Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness day. 

Celebrate responsibly.


One thought on “Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day

  1. Jo Staats

    Actually it’s the Second Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day nationwide. The event is growing dramatically as more and more owners realize the effect of the irresponsible owners.

    As responsible, caring, VOTING owners find the rights of all individuals are being violated as a result of a few uneducated and unconcerned owners desecrating the reputation of a loyal and loving breed of dog….we’re making every attempt to inform non-Bully owners of the facts and to educate the public of signs of problems within their own communities, working together with many to resolve such problems.

    We hope that you find an event close to your area to visit on Saturday, 10/25/2008, meet some wonderful people and their dogs.

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