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What To Do After a Car Accident


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Ask The Experts: Podcast Series

Episode 1: 10/1/2017

45 minutes

Mitch Nelles and Jon Groth discuss common questions about personal injury law, including what to consider when choosing a law firm, the dynamics of the client-lawyer relationship, common insurance company defense tactics, evidence, and practical advice on what you should do after a car accident.


Episode 2: 11/5/2017

45 minutes

Mitch Nelles, Melissa Fischer, and Jon Groth discuss the process of a personal injury case from the moment the injury happens to the time when a settlement is reached. Click the button below to hear the latest episode of Ask the Experts.


Episode 3: 12/3/2017

45 minutes

Jon Groth speaks with Mitch Nelles about Wisconsin personal injury law on Ask the Experts. Tune in on the first Sunday of every month to learn everything you need to know about navigating through a personal injury case in Wisconsin.


Episode 4: 1/7/2018

45 minutes




Episode 5: 2/4/2018

55 minutes






Episode 6: 3/4/2018

52 minutes




Episode 7: 4/1/2018

50 minutes