Milwaukee Business Litigation Attorneys

Groth Law Firm knows that small companies cannot compete with the financial resources of larger adversaries. While some family-owned businesses have meritorious claims, they cannot afford the heavy legal costs of high-quality lawyers and often settle cases for pennies on the dollar or face the alternative of abandoning any hope of recovery. That’s why our team at Groth Law are willing to accept Milwaukee business litigation cases on a contingency fee basis or a hybrid of contingency and hourly fee.

Groth Law Firm is here to help your small business in matters of litigation without the hefty upfront fees.The contingency fee arrangement is so popular because it levels the playing field in the courtroom and allows the small to take on the mighty. When a client hires a law firm on a contingency fee basis, the client does not pay any legal fees until the law firm recovers money from the defendant. There are a lot of lawyers out there ready to handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, but there are only a few law firms willing to deal with business litigation matters in this manner.

A Contingency Fee Option for Small Businesses

Groth Law Firm’s contingency fee option allows individuals and small companies with meritorious claims in significant business litigation matters to hire an experienced trial attorney without paying legal fees until the dispute is resolved. Over the years we have represented companies across Wisconsin; we have even argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court on behalf of a small family business.

Many personal injury lawyers lack the experience to handle business cases without upfront payments and refuse to accept business litigation matters on a contingency fee basis. Likewise, big firms that charge high hourly fees – often $500 per hour or more – are unwilling to accept risk in handling business litigation matters since their high hourly rates build in a substantial profit margin without risk. Groth Law Firm is here to help your small business in matters of litigation without the hefty upfront fees, so give us a call or fill a case form so we can get started.