Milwaukee Premises Liability Lawyer

Milwaukee Premises Liability Lawyer

Milwaukee Premises Liability LawyerIf you’ve sustained an injury on another party’s property, a Milwaukee premises liability attorney can help you seek compensation for damages related to your injury. Wisconsin law requires property owners to maintain a safe environment for those who visit their property. When negligent property owners don’t comply with their legal obligation, they can be held liable for damages when injuries occur. Victims should not have to shoulder the financial burdens that often accompany a severe injury.

If you are seeking legal representation after suffering injuries at another person’s home or place of business, and you live in the Milwaukee area, contact Groth Law Firm at (414) 240-0707 for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and learn how we can assist you after a premises liability accident.

Groth Law Firm’s Results in Premises Liability Cases

The skilled, award-winning legal team at Groth Law Firm has experience representing clients in a wide array of personal injury claims, including cases involving injuries on another party’s property. The firm’s dedication to advocating for their clients and providing personal service has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars in damages. This doesn’t guarantee specific results in any cases, but the experienced Milwaukee premises liability lawyers at Groth Law Firm will diligently pursue the best outcome for your circumstances.

What Are Premises Liability Accidents?

Victims can suffer multiple injuries from many different types of accidents on another party’s property. Premises liability accidents, which commonly lead to personal injury lawsuits, include:

  • Unintentional falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 20 percent of falls result in severe injury. In fact, 95 percent of hip fractures in older adults are a result of falls. Many falls occur at home but trip and fall, and slip and fall accidents are at the top of the list for accidents which most often lead to a premises liability lawsuit. Common causes of slips, trips, and falls include rundown buildings with loose handrails, stairs, tiles, or carpet; uncleared ice and snow in driveways, parking lots, and by entrances; and, wet and dry product use and spills such as water, granules, cleaning products, floor wax, oil, and food.
  • Elevator/escalator accidents. Improper installation and poor maintenance can lead to injury on escalators and elevators at the airport, a hotel, an office building, a shopping mall, or any other location they are present.
  • Swimming pool accidents. Whether inside a hotel during a cold Wisconsin winter, or enjoying a swim in an outdoor pool during the summer, when pool owners are negligent, swimming pool accidents, sometimes fatal, might occur. Causes of swimming pool accidents include poor maintenance, lack of fencing allowing small children to enter, slippery and cracked tiles and/or concrete, overcrowding, and lack of supervision.
  • Lack of building security. Property owners must protect visitors from third-party crimes. When buildings don’t have adequate lighting, protection, and cameras, a property owner might be liable if a visitor is assaulted, shot, mugged, or intentionally harmed in other ways.
  • Fires. Electrical failure, explosions, lit cigars or cigarettes, and other fire hazards might cause a fire at a residence, a retail establishment, or another place of business. If visitors sustain injuries in a fire, property owners might be liable for some or all damages related to the injury. Burn injuries can be severe and require skin grafting, corrective surgery, and weeks or months of recovery.

Wisconsin’s Safe Place Law

Unlike many other states, Wisconsin doesn’t provide clear statutory guidelines outlining the legal obligations a property owner has towards different types of visitors. Precedents in case law provide the basis for most rulings about Wisconsin premises liability cases; however, Wisconsin’s Safe Place Law is the exception. This statute outlines the duty an employer has to furnish a safe place of employment to protect the life, health, safety, and welfare to employees and visitors.

Recreational Immunity in Wisconsin Premises Liability Cases

Wisconsin stands apart from many other states with its recreational immunity provision that limits property owner liability in some premises liability cases. Under Wisconsin law, property owners, including government entities are not liable for injury or death when visitors use the property for recreational activities.

Some exceptions do exist, and your Milwaukee premises liability can advise you if any apply to your situation. Wisconsin has a strict definition of recreational activity that includes “any outdoor activity undertaken for the purpose of exercise, relaxation or pleasure, including practice or instruction in any such activity.” Examples include:

  • Hunting, fishing, and trapping
  • Camping and picnicking
  • Exploring caves, studying nature, bird-watching
  • Bicycling, motorcycling, ATV use
  • Skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, skating
  • Recreational aviation including hot air balloon use and hang-gliding

Seeking Compensation in Wisconsin Premises Liability Cases

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries on another party’s property, as a result of intentional harm or negligence, Wisconsin law permits you to sue for damages related to your injuries and loss. Common damages you might recover in a settlement or verdict in your favor, include:

  • Medical expenses including ambulance and emergency services, hospitalization, radiology, surgery, follow-up visits, and prescription medications
  • Future medical costs for severe injuries requiring extended recovery time or lifelong healthcare
  • Lost wages for missing work because of injury and recovery
  • Lost future wages when a severe injury prohibits an injured person from returning to their job
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium with a spouse
  • Other non-economic costs which apply to a particular case

Contact a Skilled Milwaukee Premises Liability Lawyer

At Groth Law Firm, we understand the devastation which might come in the aftermath of a severe injury. We represent clients throughout the Greater Milwaukee area and fight to get compensation they deserve and hold negligent property owners accountable. Our skilled premises liability attorneys are here to help you through this challenging time, while you focus on healing and recovery. If you live in the Milwaukee area and seek legal representation after suffering an injury on another party’s property, you can reach Groth Law Firm at (414) 240-0707, or contact us online for a free consultation regarding your case.