Accident Injury

The attorneys of Groth Law Firm will help you recover as much as possible if you are injured in an accident where there is a negligent party at cause. With offices in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Glendale, Green Bay, and Marinette, we work hard to make sure Wisconsin families receive the legal protection they deserve. To get a proven and dedicated legal team on your side after an accident injury, call Groth Law Firm at 877-375-7001 or fill our our simple contact form now.

To get a proven and dedicated legal team on your side after an accident injury, call Groth Law Firm.What should you do if you or a loved one has been in an accident? It’s important to be prepared, so we have developed a short checklist for you and your family members to keep in mind if you happen to find yourself in a crash:

  • Stay Calm – After an accident it is likely you will have many strong emotions and thoughts running through your mind. It is important to take a deep breathe and stay as calm as you can.
  • Check for Injuries – Assess the situation by checking yourself and others for injuries. Do not move anyone who is seriously injured unless they are in further danger because of traffic or other circumstances.
  • Call the Police – Regardless of whose fault it is, you need to call the police to come and investigate the scene of the accident.
  • Promptly Seek Medical Attention – Even if you are only slightly injured at the scene, allow yourself to be taken to the hospital.  If you begin to feel the effects of the accident in the days following, go to the emergency room at your nearest hospital to receive treatment.  If you fail to receive medical treatment, the at fault insurance company will assume you were not hurt.
  • Obtain Key Information – You will have many things running through your mind but you (or someone on your behalf) needs to obtain critical information about the collision, such as license plate numbers, insurance information, phone numbers, and addresses of everyone involved including witnesses. When the police investigation is completed, be sure to obtain a Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report.
  • Do Not Give a Recorded Statement – In the case of an auto collision, the other driver’s insurance company will contact you by phone as soon as they are notified of the accident. They will want to take a recorded statement, but DO NOT give a recorded statement to an insurance representative. Their intentions are to get you say something that will allow them to blame you for the accident, or to get you to admit that you were not seriously hurt, even if you haven’t been examined or are not fully recovered from your injuries.
  • DO NOT Sign Forms From the Insurance Company – Following a car or truck wreck, you may get mail from the other driver’s insurance company wanting you to “sign a few forms.” The insurance company won’t tell you that you are being asked to sign medical authorizations that will allow them to obtain all of your medical records from as far back as birth, as well as personal and confidential information completely unrelated to this wreck.
  • Be Careful About Admitting Fault at the Scene or to the Insurance Company – Wait until you know all the facts of what caused the wreck before admitting responsibility. Any admission of fault can be used against you. It is understandable if your first inclination is to apologize and admit fault but sometimes that guilty feeling may arise even if it wasn’t your fault. Was the other driver using a cell phone or texting? Was the other driver in a better position to avoid the collision? Was the collision partially your fault and partially that of the other driver? Get all the facts first so you can make an informed decision.
  • Document Everything You Can – The easiest way you can do this is by taking photographs of the scene of the accident (as quickly as possible after it happens) and of any injuries (bruising, scarring, casts, etc.) at the time of the accident and in the days following. Photographs are the best way to depict a situation.
  • Inform Your Insurance Company – Even if the collision is not your fault, it is important that your insurance company knows about it.  You may have coverage to help pay some of your medical bills, you may have rental car coverage and, if you have collision coverage, your insurance company will usually fight the other driver’s company to get the property damage to your car paid.  However, do not forget that your insurance company will not take care of your pain and suffering or lost wages injury claim.

After you consider all of these things, you may still have questions. If so, call the experienced lawyers and paralegals at Groth Law Firm. We have handled hundreds of accident injury cases and are ready to offer assistance to you after you have been in an accident of any kind.