Rotator Cuff Injury

“Rotator Cuff Injury”

I think this is a phrase that is pretty widely used.  We often hear  announcers talk about a rotator cuff injury during a football game.  It’s pretty common.  But, this phrase is so widely used that it may not be completely understood.  Everyone assumes that everyone else knows what it means.

Well, the Doe Report has some medical illustrations of  a shoulder and rotator cuff.  Take the opportunity to look it over.   It is pretty interesting stuff.

Personal injury attorneys use these types of illustrations often to help teach juries about the objective findings of injury.  People can talk and talk but looking at picture often makes the information sink in.

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  1. Lucy

    It’s so painful. After a skiing accident – my friends shoulder was never the same and has hurt right out to each finger giving so much discomfort. But we did finally find the exercises that helped so much.

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