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Toyota “Fix”?

I’ve been following the Toyota recall and have received some phone calls from concerned owners of Toyotas.  A good friend of mine recently file two lawsuits in Illinois against Toyota.  If you have a Toyota it is important to be vigilent and follow up if their “fix” didn’t work.  Be sure to read this story.  If you have been injured due to a Toyota product’s defect be sure to speak with an attorney right away in order to preserve the proper evidence.  Toyota defect cases are a “hot” item right now and most every personal injury attorney is advertising for these types of cases.  Be sure to interview the attorneys you contact and check their credentials at www.avvo.com.

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Understanding Medical Tests

Part of our job as personal injury attorneys is to understand an injured victim’s medical records.  It’s important to know what certain tests show in order to best advocate for an injured party.

Quad Cities Injury Lawyers Blog has a good tip.  Simply check out You Tube.   I’ve used RXlist.com to better understand medications that client’s take.  I’ve used Medicinenet.com for a written description of procedures and tests.   So, why not use You Tube for a video of the same thing.  It’s pretty impressive.  I can’t vouch for the accuracy but after reading about a procedure or test you can tell if what you are seeing is, in fact, the proper procedure/test.

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Rotator Cuff Injury

“Rotator Cuff Injury”

I think this is a phrase that is pretty widely used.  We often hear  announcers talk about a rotator cuff injury during a football game.  It’s pretty common.  But, this phrase is so widely used that it may not be completely understood.  Everyone assumes that everyone else knows what it means.

Well, the Doe Report has some medical illustrations of  a shoulder and rotator cuff.  Take the opportunity to look it over.   It is pretty interesting stuff.

Personal injury attorneys use these types of illustrations often to help teach juries about the objective findings of injury.  People can talk and talk but looking at picture often makes the information sink in.

Eyes ON The Road And OFF The Phone

A good friend in Illinois just blogged about the American Medical Association’s push to get states to pass driver cell phone use laws.

Reporters also learned the new AMA policy encourages physicians to educate patients on the public health risks associated with driving while distracted with text messages and cell phones. The AMA is supporting any state legislature enacting laws to eliminate the use of text messaging by motorists while driving.

Included in this post is some shocking information.

The AMA sites a recent study reflects text messaging while driving causes a 400% increase time spent with eyes off the road. American drivers and passengers should not have to be concerned that other drivers are focused on texting instead of traffic.

It makes sense.  When your eyes are on your cell phone and you are concentrating on hitting the right button they can’t concentrate on traffic.

Timely Payment of Claims

There are a ton of laws.  That may be the biggest understatement I’ve ever written.

I mention this because it’s a reason to hire an attorney.  How many people have heard of the “Timely Payment of Claims” Statute.  It’s Section 628.46 of Wisconsin’s Statutes.  It applies to first party insurance payments and also third party insurance payments.  So, if you are injured by someone without insurance and you file an uninsured motorist claim this statute applies.   Because of the “recent” Kontowicz case it applies to claims against an at fault insurance company also.

Attorneys for injured people can push insurance companies to review and make offers to settle cases within 30 days of receiving all of the documents related to an injury.  If the insurance company drags its feet it may be subject to 12% interest.  Or, if the insurance company agrees to that a portion of an injury is definitely related to an accident that insurance company, under the statute, should pay the undisputed amount asap.

For your information the statutes says:

(1) Unless otherwise provided by law, an insurer shall promptly pay every insurance claim. A claim shall be overdue if not paid within 30 days after the insurer is furnished written notice of the fact of a covered loss and of the amount of the loss. If such written notice is not furnished to the insurer as to the entire claim, any partial amount supported by written notice is overdue if not paid within 30 days after such written notice is furnished to the insurer. Any part or all of the remainder of the claim that is subsequently supported by written notice is overdue if not paid within 30 days after written notice is furnished to the insurer. Any payment shall not be deemed overdue when the insurer has reasonable proof to establish that the insurer is not responsible for the payment, notwithstanding that written notice has been furnished to the insurer… All overdue payments shall bear simple interest at the rate of 12% per year.